"Knowledge is Power"

Vacation Mode, 2016

Motor Capital is a cable TV show that airs in the Detroit Area on Comcast TV. In the "City of Detroit" the show airs on ch.#68 every Friday from 3-4 pm. and again at 10-11 pm. In Dearborn watch on ch.#16 or in Dearborn Heights ch.#18. Here is the link to their public access schedule ... http://tinyurl.com/dapatvnewschedule   plus the Southfield System ch.#18 (which includes parts of Oakland County) on Friday nights from 9-10pm. But wait there's more...in the Port Huron Area tune in to ch.#12 on late Friday nights from 12-1am...and in the Downriver Area try ch.#20 on Wednesday nights from 8:30-9:30 pm and yet again Wednesday late night 1:30-2:30am.
Thanks for watching !                

Mission Statement: "Promote Detroit"   (and sometimes other places)

World Premiere:             7/19        Niagra Falls / Buffalo & New Orleans circa 2003
                                                      1st screening in Dearborn/Dbn. Hts. ch.#18   6 pm.  EDT
                                       7/20        Downriver System  ch.#20   8:30 pm.
                                       7/22        Detroit  ch.#68   3pm. and  10 pm.
                                       7/22        Southfield System  ch.#18   9 pm.                                                                               
                                       7/23        Port Huron Area  ch.#12   12am.
Watch reality happen !  (tape delayed a little bit)
Peace be with you & everyone you happen to meet.